Doctors Without Borders is an independent international medical humanitarian organization that has won the Nobel Peace Prize and provides medical humanitarian assistance based on the needs of people around the world. This year marks its 50th anniversary. NOMOS Glashütte launched a special version of the Doctors Without Borders watch to support emergency rescue operations. The biggest highlight of this watch is the red hour marker at 12 o'clock. It is limited sales for 2021 piece.

The NOMOS Doctors Without Borders special model is Tangente 165.S50, with a case diameter of 37.5 mm. The size is exquisite. It can be worn easily by both men and women. The angular lugs with simple and refined line design continue the iconic characteristics of the Tangente series, while also fully interpreting the essence of the German Bauhaus design that "the shape follows the function".

The watch case adopts the mirror polishing process, and the thickness is only 6.7 mm. The thin shell shape allows it to fit the wrist better and feel comfortable to wear.


The attention and control of the Germans to details is also reflected in the crown of the NOMOS watch. The brand LOGO engraved on the crown adopts an etching process, and the surrounding threads make it easier and more convenient to rotate the chain.

The table mirror is made of sapphire crystal, which has the advantages of high hardness and scratch resistance. And has good light transmittance, making reading more clear.

The dial is made of white electroplated silver with black lacquered stainless steel hand. The watch adopts a small three-hand design. The red 12 o'clock hour marker on the dial reflects the uniqueness of this watch. The French word "50 ans Médecins Sans Frontières" is engraved below the 6 o'clock hour marker to pay tribute to the one born in Paris in 1971. The 50th anniversary of the founding of MSF.

Black Cordoba horse leather strap with fine texture and good gloss. Use low-key and steady black, which makes it soft and comfortable to wear. With a pin buckle engraved with the NOMOS brand logo, it is easy to use and conforms to the minimalist aesthetics pursued by Bauhaus designs.

A limited number of information is engraved on the stainless steel case back. The watch is equipped with a NOMOS-made Alpha manual winding movement, which is adjusted according to the observatory standards. This movement is also the movement with the largest output of the brand.

This year marks the 10th year of cooperation between MSF and NOMOS Glashütte. To date, NOMOS has produced more than 10,000 watches to support emergency rescue projects. Although the watch models are different, the dial of each watch is engraved with the iconic red 12 o'clock hour markers.

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