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  • Zoss watch winder only uses high-quality Japanese Mabuchi motor to provide precision rotations and its extremely quiet.
  • Zoss provides winding spec in the TPD page, to prevent over-winding.
  • Zoss watch winders are all made of high-quality antimagnetic material. 
  • Long-term unused watch will cause lubrication to condense, which could bring greater wear to the mechanism.
  • The watch needs movement so the rotor inside can spin and add tension to the mainspring, which powers the watch.
  • Waste time to re-calibrate the watch and will increase the chance of damage the mechanism also. 

Bamboo and oak wood can be wiped clean with a damp cloth while glass can be cleaned using a mild glass cleaning solution. 

Yes, all our watch winders that use Mabuchi motor are magnetically shielded. Almost no magnetism or zero magnetism can be detected at the position where the watch is placed (measured under the magnetometer), which will not affect the accuracy of the watch. In addition, general mechanical watches will also have an anti-magnetic design.  

Mechanical watch’s time deviation is not exact, they keep time within a certain tolerance, vary according to the model and the quality of the manufacture. Generally, those with a difference of fewer than ± 20 seconds per day are generally acceptable, and ± 7 is excellent. The time deviation will be obvious when accumulated by weeks or months. The watch winder only provides kinetic energy for winding the watch, it does not affect the time deviation. (According to the regulations of the watch industry, the daily error of the international standard mechanical watch is within ±20 seconds, while the watch movement certified by the COSC, the error is more stringent. The average daily error should reach -4 seconds to +6 seconds, or up to 10 seconds per day.)  

a. The power cord and battery cannot be used at the same time.
b. Do not use external force to rotate the rotor, which will cause the electric current to damage the circuit board.
c. When loading and unloading the watch, stop the rotation before loading and unloading the watch.
d. It is necessary to use the original power cord, use different power cords need to pay attention to the input voltage and current rating, so it does not damage the circuit board.
e. Try not to place the winder around products with strong magnetic fields, such as televisions, induction cookers, computers, etc. 

Refer to the manual how to choose the mode. 

The rotation period of the winder can be calculated as 24 hours, working for 12 hours, and stopping for 12 hours as a full cycle, each winder program mode is detailed. Refer to the manual for the rotation method and number of turns. 
For example, mode 2 of the mechanical knob is rotated for 2 minutes and stopped for 6 minutes, repeat. 
8-11 revolutions per minute for our watch winder. 
Under normal use, the service life of the watch winder is about 3 years. That’s the usual life span of the motor. (Spare parts are available, repair video will be sent with the purchase of the parts) In order to have a longer service life, it is recommended that after a month of use, power off and shut down the winder for half a day.

No need to add any lubrication for maintenance. Just follow the proper instruction to use the watch winder, after a month of use, let it rest for half a day. 

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